Substance Use Writing

An interesting thing happened during the summer of 2015: An unexpected email showed up in my inbox describing an opportunity. Would I like to write about stuff (and things)? Of course, the answer is always “yes!”

As it turns out, my reputation preceded me as a former freelance writing job led to this referral. A company interested in providing solid, consistent, well-researched information to their readers regarding drugs of abuse and treatment options was interested in me. I was more than happy to reciprocate. Because of my work for and Recovery Brands, some of my other writing has taken a backseat. What can I say? I type where I’m needed.

And type I will. From a 10,000 word piece on managing the needs of a loved one addicted to substances or 1,000 words on the dangers of tramadol. How much have I written? My calculator doesn’t have that many digits, but every new assignment thrills and there is no feeling like hitting the send button after final edits.

The greatest facet of writing for Recovery Brands (aside from the paychecks and my awesomely amazing/ amazingly awesome editor) is that researching and learning more about each topic gives me a wider skill base that I can use for my therapy clients. How do opioids affect the brain? What is social detox? How many people are addicted to prescription pain medication? The answers to these questions were vague concepts before writing for Recovery Brands. Now, I can state in-depth information that keeps my clients safe and improves their well-being.

It’s your classic win-win-win.


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